Beef Cattle are an important part of the North Florida Economy. Dr. Barabas can help you evaluate the health of your herd or treat individual illness. No matter what your operation size is Hoof & Horn can help to improve the health of your herd. We can help evaluate the nutrition and reproductive health of your herd. If you are a new producer let us help you develop a vaccination and health program that works for you. Let us help you minimize cost by making a plan of care for routine illness that is appropriate and does not overuse medications.


Hoof & Horn loves dairy medicine! We can help you figure out milk production, reproductive or nutritional issues. If you have 1 cow or 200 head Hoof & Horn will treat all of your ladies with excellent care. Hoof & Horn will develop a health plan that keeps your girls in the milking parlor and chewing cud.

Family Farm

Even small farms have production and health issues. Let us help you keep your cows happy and healthy. If you are new to farm life Hoof and Horn can make suggestions for affordable and safe design. We can help teach you basic handling and procedures to keep you and your animals safe. If you want a grass fed herd that minimizes medication use we can help you achieve it. These production goals require excellent animal and pasture management. Please avoid the heartache that can result from insufficient planning. You do not have to go it alone, call before there is a problem.

We offer the following services:

Palpation For diagnosis of pregnancy and reproductive health
Pregnancy diagnosis  By blood draw or palpation
Uterine Diagnostics Biopsy and bacterial culture
Body Condition Evaluation Evaluates herd nutrition and individual health
Cow/Heifer Retention Make educated decisions based on physical characteristics and performance
Calving difficulties We have you covered for everything from stuck calves to retained placentas and neonatal health!
General Medicine Health assessment and Tailored Parasite Control
Surgical Services Castration, disbudding, cancer eye
Herd Health Consultation
Farm Management Consultation