New Horse Owner Education

Hoof & Horn would love to make sure you are comfortable with your new addition. No matter if  you are a complete novice or have been riding for years Dr. Barabas can help make sure you are comfortable with your new addition. We can check for pasture safety and make suggestions for your facilities. We can discuss everything from daily nutrition and grooming to recognizing emergencies. Hoof & Horn can also provide you with a pre-purchase exam to help you make an informed purchase.

Pre-purchase examination:

Tailored examinations for your individual concerns

Digital Radiography is available for pre-purchase evaluations

Preventative Medicine

At Hoof & Horn Veterinary and Acupuncture Services we offer a variety of preventative medicine strategies.  Keeping your horse healthy improves their quality of life and means less money spent by you on illness and emergencies. We offer a wellness program for people following our preventative health care recommendations:

Yearly examination Complete head to tail hands on evaluation of the horse including dental examination.
Patient Centered Vaccination
Yearly Vaccinations Rabies and West Nile Virus
Biannual Vaccination Encephalitis and Flu.
Patient Centered Parasite Control Fecal analysis and individual deworming protocols available
Dental Care Utilizes a full mouth speculum and sedation for complete dental care


General Medicine

Nobody knows your horse like you!  Any time you have questions call and let us help you decide if a problem is brewing. Common problems in North Florida include:

Seasonal allergies May present with skin or breathing issues.
Eye Problems Eye problems are EMERGENCIES! Especially in florida where fungus thrives due to our hot and moist weather please call as soon as you notice any abnormalities in your horses eye. Changes in color, tearing, holding the eyelids closed or swelling all may be signs of an issue.
Colic Colic can have many causes and may look different in every horse. Even if you are used to treating these guys at home, call early and we can talk about how they are doing or if they need a visit. After a colic incident it is important we figure out what happened so we can prevent is happening again.
Heat Stress Signs of heat stress can be a  secondary problem and may be caused by insufficient sweating or heaves. These issues can turn into an emergency if not addressed early.



Lameness issues can be very frustrating and identifying the cause is paramount to successful treatment.  We offer a variety of diagnostic services and treatment options for everything from abscesses and locking patellas to back and hip pain.

Digital Radiography
Acupuncture/ TCVM diagnostics
Nerve blocks and lameness examinations


Reproductive Medicine

Hoof & Horn can help improve your equine breeding success. We offer breeding soundness examinations to determine the potential of your program and can offer treatments to improve fertility. We can identify uterine issues, perform artificial insemination and pregnancy checks. We also provide neonatal care including mare and foal exam, placenta evaluation, IgG testing and plasma administration.