When to inject?

Your trusty steed has lost a little of the pep in his step, what do you do next?  Most people talk to trainers, friends, barn mates and veterinarians. Generally at least one of them will say “maybe it’s time to inject the hocks.”  Joint injections are starting to be considered maintenance for our athletic friends[…]

Resistance, Worms and Disease OH MY!

In the Past 5 Years I have seen awareness about parasite resistance to deworming increase, but, owners still seem unsure of what to do about it.  Creating programs that rotate dewormers and require a high frequency of treatment feel reassuring.  Unfortunately those practices are outdated, expensive and have caused the resistance issues we now face[…]

Get Ready for Spring

Spring time is coming and it a beautiful time in North Central Florida! Unfortunately it is also the time for mosquitos, heaves and laminitis. Make sure that you a ready for the transition in weather and please call if you have any questions. Although we are currently still waiting on a truck topper/tool box to[…]

Hello world!

Hoof and Horn Veterinary and Acupuncture Services was started by Veterinarian Jill Barabas in 2016. Our mission includes improving animal health and welfare by increasing access to veterinary care and educating individuals about the importance of preventative medicine. We strive to offer services that are appropriate for every client by combining conventional and alternative medicine[…]