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Clucking about Avian Influenza

While the original appointment was made for so she stopped to have an reshaping a goat’s horns since they were growing curved into the skin, Dr. Barabas couldn’t help but to notice a population of backyard chickens on the farm. Hoof and Horn’s goals are to treat the entire farm and provide long term health outcomes to all members of that farm. While Dr. Barabas does not treat individual chickens, herd health is important in all farm animals educational conversation about the recent avian influenza outbreak how the farm can prevent contracting the virus their chicken population. Who knew we would go from filing down goat horns to talking about chicken coop adjustments all in the same day!


Medicine is an ever evolving science and practicing it is art. Every month, several veterinarians, including Dr. Barabas, meet through a medical discussion of learning called rounds. During rounds, they discuss news in medicine and bounce ideas off each other. These meetings are even attended by a board-certified large animal internist from University of Florida where doctors can learn from each other. This week they discussed equine vaccination protocols in light of recent equine influenza outbreaks in Colorado.

Health Certificates for Brahmans

Lizzy is a Brahman cow who competes in 4H competitions which means she does a fair amount of traveling and requires health certificates. During her certification exam, we make sure she is clear from disease, has no ectoparasites, healthy for travel, and vaccinated properly to prevent her from contracting a disease when she meets all her other cattle competitors. In terms of overall farm safety, being thorough during health certificate exams prevent disease individual animals and the entire farm. Luckily, Lizzy was very healthy! Good luck in in your competition, Lizzy!

Created by future Dr. Jennifer Zhang, UF CVM Class of 2022