Take Note: Heaves (AKA Equine Asthma)

What is heaves?  Heaves is the most common respiratory condition that affects horses. Heaves is characterized by inflammation, thickening, and narrowing of the airways resulting in labored breathing, coughing, and excess mucus in the airways. It is a chronic disease that usually first arises in horses around 9-12 years old. Diagnosis of heaves  Diagnosis is[…]

Caprine Case Study:

Urinary Calculi and Blockage in Male Goats *Names and Images are changed for patient privacy* Late in the afternoon a new owner called concerned that her 3 year old male castrated Nigerian dwarfgoat, “Prince”, was standing in his pen with “hunched” posture, and showing lethargy, dribbling urine, and decreased appetite for approximately the past 24[…]

Stepping out the Stall:

The future to best serving multi-species owners, farms and producers- Written by (future) Dr. Wilmer Lopez We all know that veterinarians are different from human doctors. One of the ways that your animal’s veterinarian is different from your own doctor is that veterinarians are legally able to provide medical care to almost all animal species.[…]